Ten Key Milestones

  • 04 March 2015

At the BTC the teamwork was really coming alive and it was becoming easier on everyone as the car was getting closer to completion and so much more was defined – the drawings are pouring from the drawing office as it all comes together. There were ten key assembly targets to achieve by Christmas and all were completed!

  • 1. Front Suspension - Pre-assembly Complete
  • 2. Monocoque Intake Assembly Complete
  • 3. Upper Chassis – glue, rivet and bake
  • 4. Water Tanks Complete
  • 5. HTP Tank and Mounting Assembly Complete
  • 6. Main Jet Fuel Tank Assembled
  • 7. Rear Suspension – Pre-assembly underway
  • 8. Fin Assembly Bay complete and fin skeletal build started
  • 9. Titanium Floor Assembly Bay complete
  • 10. Rear Delta Assembly Bay complete